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EgoPo Classic Theatre

317 Dickinson Street, Unit D
Philadelphia, PA 19147


EgoPo is a nonprofit repertory theater company committed to revitalizing the great classics of theatre and literature. We strive for virtuosity in vocal and physical performance in order to create innovative and provocative theatrical events.

  • EgoPo Classic Theater, The Dybbuk, 2011-2012 Season, Ed Swidey, Rachel Kitson, Robert DaPonte and David Blatt, Photo by Ian Paul Guzzone

EgoPo, the 20-year-old award-winning theater company, relocated to Philadelphia from New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. EgoPo, whose name derives from the French for “The Physical Self”, was born in 1991 as both a theater company and as an acting style. The EgoPo Company of actors undergo grueling training to create a vocal and physical style of acting that is extremely dynamic, yet remains textually driven. In their work, EgoPo draws on the belief that by listening to the body and following its impulses, the actor will find greater emotional truth. EgoPo audiences, in turn, are swept into visceral and electrifying experiences. Founded by Artistic Director Lane Savadove, EgoPo has staged over two-dozen productions nationally in New York, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Chicago, and Washington D.C.; internationally in Indonesia and Croatia; and on National Public Radio.

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