Philadelphia Regional Arts Consortium



“Using Tessitura has allowed me to better understand every one of our donors and patrons. Having all of their activity recorded in one place really is a revolution, compared to how we had to work in the field of arts development only 15 years ago. The integration of all of the organization’s interaction with a particular patron — performance attendance/ticketing, contributions of all kinds, special event attendance, other event attendance and more — makes our communications with each household and each individual as specialized as we want. And the product is constantly being refined and improved, based on field needs.”

“Working together as a consortium is also extremely valuable, as each member organization has different strengths that can be shared. So if one organization has explored how to use a particular development function in Tessitura and requested support from consortium staff on that particular functionality, all consortium members benefit from the learning.”

Jane Moss, People’s Light and Theatre


“Being a member of a consortium has enabled us to think creatively about joint promotions. For instance, when the Wilma and Philadelphia Theatre Company experimented with “The Best of Broad Street” shared subscription packages, the unified system made processing orders much simpler. And when the Wilma presented Media Theatre’s production of Souvenir, we were each able to sell tickets through our own box offices to the same performances.”

James Haskins, The Wilma Theater


“The Media Theatre is more than enthusiastic about its ever-evolving relationship with the Philadelphia Regional Arts Consortium. Our staff appreciates the new and relevant ideas that Tessitura offers; through which we are able to more properly support our programming, increase patron satisfaction, and further our organizational mission as a whole.”

Kimberly Bosshardt, Media Theatre